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Family Tree

Second Generation - Alexander McKIM

A Brief Family History
John McKIM
Second Generation
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4. Alexander MCKIM (John) was born about 1720 in Ireland. He died in 1804 in Loudon County, Virginia. He was buried in Loudon County, Virginia.

Alexander married Jeaneet MCMAHON daughter of Agnes in 1747/1749

in Brandywine, Delaware. Jeaneet died in Richmond, Virginia.  {she is

Jeaneet in the Will of Alexander}


Alexander came in 1742 at Philadelphia.


He moved to Loudoun County, Virginia ca April 1777


His brother, Thomas, married Mrs Agnes McMahon; Alexander married her daughter Jeanette/Janet/Janeet McMahon, by previous marriage.


A note copied by Mattie Jane McKim Sallee, from copy in possession of Joseph Morton McKim. Joseph had copied the note from the family record, which was in possession of his uncle Robert McKim.

("The following was drawn from my Uncle Robert McKims family record, 17 oct 1848”:

"Alex McKim, my grandfather, was born in the County of Armagh in Ireland about the year 1720, to which place his progenitors had been forced to escape from Roman Catholic persecution under one of the Kings of England, perhaps Charles 2nd.

About the time of the persecution above mentioned my grandfather's ancestors were of the religious sect, called and known at that time by the name of Church of Scotland, now generally called Presbyterians.

In October of 1741, he took shipping at Londonderry in Ireland, for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and after eleven weeks passage was safely and providentially landed at Lewes Town, a small village just within the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

The suffering of the crew and passengers in the vessel were indescribable. My grandfather said they were on short allowance of bread and water and three days would have sent all into a watery grave.  But the Great Ruler of the destinies of the Universe was pleased to order things otherwise, and my Grandfather, by the name of Alex McKim, with all the passengers and crew arrived safe at Lewestown 1st day of Jan 1742.

An uncle and own brother of my Grandfather, by the name of Thomas McKim, who had married a widow by the name of Mrs. McMahon of whom my Grandmother was the only daughter, who at that time lived on the banks of the Brandewine in the state of Delaware whom my Grandfather married.  She claimed kindred with the Stuart family of Scotland.  She died a few years ago in Richmond, Virginia.

My Grandfather died in Loudon County, Virginia 1804."



The Will of Alexander was proven 9 Sep 1805 in Loudoun County, Virginia; Inventory & appraisement was recorded 11 Sep 1805.


Alexander, son of  John McKim and wife #2 Elizabeth, was among many who set sail from Ireland due to the oppression of religion in those times.  The King of England belonged to the state organized religion; Alexander was a member of the Church of Scotland, which later became known as Presbyterians.


Alexander left Ireland in October of 1741 and landed on the “banks of Brandywine” in Delaware on 1 January 1742.  His brother Thomas McKim, who had left Ireland and was already established in America, met Alexander upon his arrival.  ]


It is thought that Alexander and Thomas traveled to Thomas’ home on the Brandywine River in Newcastle County, Delaware, where they enjoyed their reunion.

Brother Thomas had married a widow, Mrs. Agnes McMahon, and she had a daughter, Jeanette McMahon, by her first marriage.


Alexander married the daughter of Agnes, step daughter of his brother Thomas, and they eventually moved on to Loudon County, Virginia, where Alexander farmed.  [Fairfax County, Virginia was formed in 1742 from Prince William County.  Loudon County, Virginia was formed from Fairfax County.

The early population of Fairfax County consisted mainly of Scotch/Irish.  A settler could have a ninety-nine year lease on land at the price of 2 shilling sterling per 100 acres. Loudon County, Virginia was formed from Fairfax County, Virginia and this is where Alexander and Jeanette McKim, along with their family, settled]


They had the following children:

             10 M i.  John MCKIM was born on 18 Dec 1749 in Loudon County, Virginia.

John married (1) Elizabeth PAGE on 27 Aug 1788 in Henrico County, Virginia.

John married (2) Elizabeth GRAVES on 19 Dec 1807 in Henrico County, Virginia.


+        11 M ii.  Andrew Jackson MCKIM was born on 10 Jul 1751. He died in 1804/1805.


+        12 M   iii.  James MCKIM was born on 28 Feb 1754. He died on 12 Sep 1820.


             13 F iv.  Agnes Morton MCKIM was born on 28 Feb 1756 in Loudon County, Virginia.She died in 1829.


             14 F v.  Catherine MCKIM was born on 11 Nov 1759 in Loudon County, Virginia.


             15 M   vi.  Thomas MCKIM was born on 17 Feb 1761 in Loudon County, Virginia.


+        16 M   vii.  William MCKIM was born on 16 Jan 1764. He died on 13 Feb 1807.


+        17 M   viii.  Robert MCKIM was born on 16 Dec 1765. He died in 1822.


             18 M   ix.  Samuel MCKIM was born on 9 Mar 1768 in Loudon County, Virginia. He died in 1833 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. He was buried in Glendy Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland.


Glendy Cemetery is now 1st Presbeterian Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland


1810 Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland


             19 M x.  Alexander MCKIM was born on 6 Aug 1771 in Loudon County, Virginia.


The old Bible of Joseph Morton McKim containing this memorandum was in the possession of his daughter Mrs. Lottie Cason, near Stephens Store, Callaway County, Missouri  

 "Alex McKim Jr b. 6 Aug 1771 being in ill health lived with Joseph McKim the last couple of years of his life.  Upon his death several thousand dollars in greenbacks were found between the leaves of his large bible.  His old bible with shadow pictures of him and his sweetheart are now in possession of Frazier

McKim Sallee.  He never married, his affianced having died during their engagement.  Upon Alex McKim's death said bible was given to JoAnn McKim (nee Baker)" 


+          20 M  xi  Joseph MCKIM was born on 19 Nov 1773. He died on
                                 17 Aug 1849.