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Assorted Information

Assorted Information
Bolin etal
1850 Alabama
1850 Arkansas
1860 Arkansas
1870 Arkansas
1880 Arkansas
Civil War
1850 Georgia
1850 Illinois
1860 Illinois
1850 Indiana
Indian Territory
1900 Indian Territory
1850 Kentucky
1860 Kentucky
1870 Kentucky
1880 Kentucky
1860 Louisiana
1910 Oklahoma
1850 Tennessee
1860 Tennessee
1870 Tennessee
1880 Tennessee
1900 Tennessee
1910 Tennessee
1920 Tennessee
1850 Virginia

"The Goins family is a large one and is scattered about over several counties to Tennessee. Many of them having gone into Indian Territory. They have inter-married for several generations and the relationships to each other is very complicated. They are mostly illiterate and have kept no records"  
Mary Goins      19 Mar 1909 
(as told to the Guion Miller commission)

A Helton that Rode With Quantrell:

David Helton - Quantrill - Survived war

Went to Kentucky with Quantrill; surrendered by Capt. Henry Porter to Capt. Young, U.S. Army at Samuel's Depot, Nelson County, Kentucky on 26 July 1865, and paroled

1823 - 1829 Arkansas Sheriff's census
John Goins          Mississippi township
Pleasant Goins
William Goins Sr
William Goins Jr
William Goins       Wellborn, Conway County

Fort Smith, Arkansas Criminal Records 

Goins, Granville/Larceny/1880    

Goins, James/assault/1880

Goins, James/Liquor/1878        

Goins, Monroe/Larceny/1883

Goins, Rans/Larceny/1883         

Goins, Taylor/liquor/1888

Goins, Reuben/Manslaughter/1885

Goins, Reuben/murder/1885

Goins, Thomas/Larceny/1883        

Goins, Tom/Assault/1898

Goins, William/Larceny/1895       

Goins, William/Robbed Post Office/1893