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Indian Territory

Assorted Information
Bolin etal
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Indian Territory
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William M. Fields,  21 years old, from Warner  m. Mary House, 20 years old on   21 dec 1906 in Western District, Indian Territory

Marriages, First U.S. Court, Northern District, Muskogee

      5 july 1890 – 9 sep 1894

(you can obtain copies of the marriage licenses at Muskogee Courthouse in Muskogee, Oklahoma)



Carter Goins      B1 – 162

Eliza J. Christiol


George Goins      C-119

Mrs Alice Nichols


Jno Goins         B1 – 462

Ida Parker


J.L. Fields       A-322

Fannie Stokes


Thomas Fields      C-22

Veny rown


Thomas B. Cooksey  A-54

Mary Duncan


Harry Bolin        C-316

Bell White


F.F. Bowlin        C-180

Adie Vann


Jesse Young         A-255

Roda Still


E.J. Wells         B-409

Clara Goins


Jas Scaggs         C-257

Cynthia Goings


Jno Nicholson      C-419

Nancy Goings


Jas King           C-171

Mary Goins


J.D. House         B-126

Nannie Goins


W.J. Heffleton     C-234

Maggie Still



1880 Cherokee - some  

Coon Still  (f)   3      colored     Cooweescoowee Dist

Thomas Still      2      cherokee

George Still      4      cherokee

Aggy Still        2      cherokee

Sam Still         9      cherokee    all Cooweescoowee Dist

Jack Still        40     cherokee    Illinois Dist

Elvira            37     white      

Mary Still        22     cherokee   

Noah              21     cherokee

James             20     cherokee

Robert            10     cherokee

David             4      cherokee    all Illinois Dist