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Family Tree

John McKim b. ca 1655

A Brief Family History
John McKIM
Second Generation
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John McKim of Inverness, Scotland was of the McKim sept of the Fraser clan {Frasers of Scotland 1290-1655}.  John was a descendant of Simon Fraser.

The Frasers {Frissel} were often referred to as the race of the forest, and they contained several septs: Frissel, MacGruer, MacKim, MacSimon, and Sim.The Fraser clan territory was located in the Scotland Highlands at Biggar.


The Norman knight who came to Scotland was a Frissel and a decendant was Sir Simon Frissel who was a supporter of William Wallace.


Sir Alexander Fraser married the sister of King Robert the Bruce.


The Fraser Family coat of Arms: Argent, a demi lion rampant gules, on a chiel azure, a mullet between two garbs.


The Fraser Family crest: An arm couped vested, the hand grasping a sword proper, the blade encircled by a wreath.


John was a known "Church of Scotland" or better known as Presbyterian.  According to 300 years of the family’s oral history they moved to Ireland to escape Roman Catholic persecution under King Charles II of England (1660-1685).


July 30, 1689, when John was 34 years old, he was ALLEGEDLY Knighted and given the title of “Sir” following the siege of Londonderry by King William III of England (1689-1702). This honor was bestowed on him for his kindness to the poor during the "seige".

I say allegedly because this has not been proven and although the story has been around for generations, there has never been any “source” other than “family legend” or a family member told someone.  I have searched at length since 1977 and NEVER found anything to confirm this.


During the time his first son, John, was born by his first wife, John McKim was appointed a Judge of the Orphans Court.


When John married a second time it was almost 25 years after his first child, John (b. ca 1785) was born, which was quite a span between children.  His first child by his second wife was born in 1710 and again many years passed before another son was born; this would be Alexander who was born in 1720.


There is no record of a daughter born to “Sir” John McKim.When “Sir” John McKim died his first born son John, became head of the family.


It was the tradition in those early days that the first male born would inherit the family titles and all material and financial wealth and possessions; the second son generally went into the military and whatever sons followed were basically on their own to do whatever.  This kept the name and inheritance to pass from generation to generation, intact.


These traditions are still prevelant among the wealthier in England today.

His children from by wife (2), are the Baltimore, Maryland and Pennsylvania McKim's. They were very prominent, highly respected and powerful. I have information on them, just have not entered all in my database at this time.